What is the urtokri Refer and Earn Program ?
The urtokri Refer and Earn Program lets you invite friends to join urtokri. For every friend you successfully refer to urtokri, you will receive a 2% Commissions on total bill of your friend purchasing.

What is the benefit?
If your friends accept the invite, sign up at urtokri and complete their first purchase of any amount, we will send you a cheque of amount at ur doorstep on 1st week of the current month.

How can I refer urtokri to my friends?
You can invite your friends to join urtokri through:-
Post unique referral link: Your unique referral link is available on the Referral page. Copy and share this link on any website or blog or facebook or Email that you own or manage to invite friends to urtokri.com

Is there a limit on the number of email invites I can send?
No, you can send up to unlimited e-mail invites.

Can I invite anyone?
Yes, you can invite any of your friends or acquaintances. However, to ensure that users don’t get spammed, please ensure that you only send invites to people you are acquainted with.

How long is the referral link valid for?
Your referral links are valid for a period of 30 days from the time you share them. As long as a non-member joins urtokri though your link, and successfully completes their first purchase, you will receive a referral commissions.

How do I check my Earn balance?
You can view your balance and the associated details on the Commissions.

I wish to create an account on urtokri via the referral link my friend has sent me. What do I need to do to accept the invite?
Please check your personal e-mail. The referral invite is sent via an e-mail which includes a link. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the urtokri registration page. You will need to complete your registration, create an account and place an order to avail the benefit of the Refer and Earn Program.

Why did I not get a commmission for an invite that was accepted?
To ensure the account security of our members, we cannot disclose or confirm any account information or order history from another member’s account. However, if you aren’t notified about your referral commisssion within 30 days, it’s likely that one or more of the following conditions weren’t met:
• The person who clicked the link was already an urtokri user
• The user clicked on your link and didn’t create an account or complete their first purchase
• The user clicked on your link, but did not complete the sign up process on the same day
• The referred member placed an eligible order, but the order hasn’t been shipped yet
• The new accounts does not meet all urtokri Conditions of Use.